Downloading the Graphtec Studio for Windows OS

This software is application software for creating original design on the Windows. It sends the cutting object to the Graphtec cutting plotter, and can also control the plotter.

Software License Agreement

It is required to review the following license agreement before the software is downloaded. We will be deemed that the customer has to agree to the terms and conditions of the license agreement when the software had been downloaded by the customer. Please note that it is not possible to download or use the software if the customer does not agree to it.

Downloading Files

Ver.2.2.1252 (Latest version)

Notes for updating the software to this version
It is required restoring the factory default settings in this software for enabling changes after this version is installed. It can be performed by either one of operation described in the following.

Method 1:
Click the [Restore Factory Defaults] button on the [Advanced] panel that is provided in the [Preferences] on the [File] menu.

Method 2:
Click the [Reset] button on the [Define Conditions] panel that is provided in the [Define Conditions] menu on the [Cutter] menu.

Date of updated 28 Apr, 2017
Supported Products(*2) FC8600 series / CE6000 series / FC4500 series / FC2250 series
Supported OS(*1)(*3) Windows 10 / Windows 10 x64 Edition Home / Pro / Enterprise / Education
Windows 8.1 / Windows 8.1 x64 Edition Windows 8.1 / Pro / Enterprise
Recommended system requirements Processor Processor with 1 GHz or faster, 2 GHz is preferable
RAM 4GB or more
install space needed 10GB
Video 1152 × 854 (at least), 16 bit color or more
Downloading files Software GS_V2.2.1252.001_STD.exe (186,018KB)
The additional function of Ver.2.2 GS-V2.2-STD-E-Web-Manual-vol1.pdf (844KB)
How to check the version VerGS_Win_EN_01.pdf (120KB)
How to install the software InsGS_Win_EN_01.pdf (279KB)
On software, it is run in the WOW64 mode (32-bit emulation mode) when the 64-bits Windows OS is used.
The firmware needs to be the follwong version.
? FC8600 series: version 1.11 or later
? CE6000 series: version 1.20 or later
? FC4500 series: version 1.92 or later
? FC2250 series: version 3.90 or later
Although the Windows XP / Vista is included in the system requirements on the user's manual for the Graphtec Studio, GRAPHTEC has terminated to support it.
Notes of text editing;
When the FULL in the align function at the Text Style panel is set, it is enabled by the condition that the text is wrapped automatically. It is not enabled to the condition that the text is in the line breaks.

Supported OS history

Windows 10 17 Sep, 2015 Windows 10 has been corresponded in ver.2.2.1027.
Windows 8.1 23 Jan, 2014 In ver.2.1.200, compatibility with Windows 8.1 has been verified.

Revision History


Update: 28 Apr , 2017

  1. Fixed the problem that it may occur an error of searching the registration mark at third line when combination of matrix copy and cross cut was specified.


Update: 20 Oct , 2016

  1. Added the function to save the object into the PDF format file.
  2. Fixed the problem that might not be performed the number of times of the specified passes.
  3. Fixed the problem that the error message windows might be appeared when some operation is executed at the Tile panel.
  4. Fixed the problem that might not be displayed a part in the screen when it is operated the Cut Line Pattern in edit of condition settings.


Update: 13 Jan , 2016

  1. Corresponded to the FC4550. It is displayed with the [FC4500-50/4550-50] on the menu.
  2. Fixed the problem that the setting of perforation cut may be not effective on the FC8000/8600 after the [using cutting condition settings of the cutter] was enabled in the software.
  3. Fixed the problem that the cutting condition change on cutter may be not affect when the [Auto-release cutter connections when not in use] was selected in the [Cutters] on the [Preference and the As Cutter] was selected on cutting condition setting menu.
  4. Fixed the problem that the searching mark for next object may not be executed after the scanning error occurred in the FC8600 when the [Cut by Registration Segment] is used.
  5. Fixed the problem that an error message may be appeared after the reset was executed on the [Weed Setting] or [Tiling panel] when the stored gstudio file was used.
  6. Fixed the problem that the progress bar may be not disappear when object was plotted by using the Print menu on the [File] menu.


Update: 17 Sep , 2015

  1. Corresponded to the Windows 10.
  2. Fixed the problem that might be occurred when the matrix copy function and the cross cut function are used at the same time.
  3. Fixed the problem that shows the error message on the preview display when the tiling function is used under specific condition.
  4. Fixed the problem that the error message windows might be appeared at the time of connecting a cutting plotter by USB cable under specific condition.
  5. Fixed the problem that might not be reflected the setting of Tangential mode to the actual cut of a media even if it is set as "Mode1" or "Mode2" in the cutter condition window. (when FC4500/2250 are used.)
  6. Fixed the problem about the Auto shapes function.
  7. Fixed the problem that some kind of free font in the text tool is not available although they are listed.


Update: 2 Jul , 2015

  1. Fixed the problem that the change of the perforation cutting condition on the software might not be reflected in the time of the actual cutting when FC8000/8600/CE6000 are used.
  2. Fixed the problem that the cut condition of the cutting plotter might be changed to the condition on the software when FC4500/2250 are used.
  3. Fixed the problem that the use of the software setting on the software might change the tangential mode setting of the cutting plotter when FC4500/2250 are used.
  4. Fixed the problem that the setting of the tangential mode might not be changed on the software when the decimal symbol is set as a comma in the operation system.
  5. Fixed the problem regarding the "Fill Color panel" and the "Line color panel"
  6. Fixed the problem that the "EPS" file might not be opened on the Windows 32bit OS.
  7. Added the title name to the progress bar.


Update: 1 Apr , 2015

  1. Added the function that resets to the default values in the option panel.
    This function is available on the following panel.
    [Page] / [Weed Settings] / [Tiling] / [Matrix Copies] / [Configure Cut Job] / [Define Conditions]"
  2. Added the function to switch the cutting method in which the matrix copy and the tiling function are combined.
  3. Added the function to switch of the Use / Un-use the registration mark.
  4. Added the function to adjust the cut position in the registration mark area.
  5. Added the function to select the direction of the cut as Clockwise / Counterclockwise.
  6. Added the function to duplicate the cutting condition in the software.
  7. Changed some functions involved in the cut condition setting.
  8. Added the functions to replicate, restore, import and reset of the cut line pattern.
  9. Added the function to send the filed cut job or plot file to the default cutter.
  10. Added the function to select the perforation cut by the cutter setting or software setting.
    (When it is connected with FC8600/FC8000/CE6000)
  11. Added new function to set the ID for each cutter connected with Graphtec Studio.
  12. Added the function to move the tool carriage of default cutter into the same position where the cutting job is moved by dragging on the preview window.
  13. Added the function to move the tool carriage of default cutter along the drawing range of cut jobs.
  14. Added the function to superimpose the position and the size of tiling on the cut job in the preview window.
  15. Added the function to set a fixed interval (margin) between the tiles and cut jobs.
  16. Changed to display the cut direction of the media on the icon in the preview window.
  17. Added the display of the total size of cut jobs on the preview window.
  18. Changed the function which is involved in the Animation speed setting.
  19. Added the function to back up and restore all setting of the software.
  20. Added the function to import the cut condition that is created in the Cutting Master 2.
  21. Fixed the problem that a cut job might be done without refer to the registration mark when it is occured the mark reading error after sending the cut job to the cutting plotter.(It needs to be to set "ON" the automatic detection of the registration mark on the plotter, when the Send Cut Job Uninterrupted option selected)
  22. Fixed the problem that it might not change the Baud Rate in the RS232 connection.
  23. Fixed the problem that might not be able to control a cutting plotter from multiple PC when there is a network connection.
  24. Fixed the problem that might be freezed when a plotfile is output.


Update: 12 Feb , 2015

  1. Fixed the problem that the Graphtec studio may not recognize the real media size when a media size is set as "automatic".
  2. Fixed the problem that the grouped graphic becomes invisible by a particular method of operation on the Preview area of desgin mode.


Update: 12 Mar , 2014

  1. Fixed the problem that the cutting plotter might hangs by the condition of the PC during receiving cut data.


Update: 1 Nov, 2013

  1. Supported the importing of files in EPS format.
  2. Added the function of the “Cut Page Border”.
  3. Added the “Cut by Registration Segment” for sequential mode of Segmented Area Compensation.
    * This function is available on the FC8600 series that has the firmware version 2.10 or later.
  4. Fixed the problem that the setting of the Tangential may not be reflected on the CE6000 that has the firmware version 1.60 or later.
  5. Fixed the problem that the caution message for confirming to tool location may not be displayed on the LCD on the?CE6000, FC8000 and FC8600 series even if the tool change request command is included in the cutting data.


Update: 20 June , 2013

  1. The cross cutting position was not correct when cutting the registration marks with matrix copy. (FC8000/FC8600/FC7000MK2)
  2. The first object was covered by second object when the panel tiling object was copied to the vertical direction.
  3. The cross cut was performed even if the cross cut box is gray.
  4. The GS shut down when the font type is selecting continuously.
  5. Some of menu name was corrected.
  6. The following previous settings are used when the GS start up.
    Media Size, Fit to Media, Aspect ratio, Position, Rotation, Mirror, Weed line, Weed Border, Weed Margin, Matrix copy settings, Layer settings, Cross cut settings, Tilling settings, Cut job settings


Update: 22 April , 2013

  1. Coresponded to the following models.
    ? FC8000 series
    ? FC7000Mk2 series
    ? CE5000 series
    ? FC4500 series
    ? FC2250 series


Update: 17 January, 2013

  1. Fixed the problem that the cut may not be done properly because the command for the cutter different to the design data is created by the software.


Update: 17 December, 2012

  1. Fixed a problem that Graphtec Studio shuts down when using the gradient fill function by the configuration of the PC.

  2. Fixed a typo in the help of the tools button that appears to the left of the preview area.


  1. First release